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Dalpathado Associate Architects

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About Us

Dalpathado Associate Architects (DAA) was established in Negombo in 2012. In the ensuing 07 years the firm has grown to serve an increasingly diverse and extensive clientele in both the private and public sectors. DAA, work focused on multi-disciplinary design; condominiums and co-operative housing developments, hotels, education institutions, religious buildings, commercial buildings, sports complexes etc.

MEP Services Design

DAA provides total solution to building services industry for designing, implementation testing and commissioning of all building services including with project management services. The core of the business is driven by qualified group of professionals and Excellence of the business is achieved through innovative approach by using powerful software and simulation tools as well as the correct application of technology for optimizing solutions.


Interior Design

DAA provides total solution for interior design for building Projects.


Master Planning

Master Plans provided with a form and structure within which they can perform all their economic and social functions efficiently and effectively and to promote growth and guide and regulate present and future development of towns and cities with a perspective of 20-25 years.


Site Planning

Site plans are prepared from initial concept through to the finished product. Building(s) locations are carefully monitored throughout the design process to optimize vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns while balancing and enhancing urban design aspects such as landscaped and open space opportunities. An understanding and appreciation of site context working in conjunction with client and Municipal needs and programmes is consistent in all of our site plans.


Architectural Design

Building(s) design usually c o mm e n c e s with t h e Site P l a n P r o c e s s . Design D e v e l o p m e n t continues primarily through three-dimensional imaging and rendering software ensuring consistency, accuracy, and flexibility throughout the process and assures a smooth transition into working drawings preparation. It also allows the client to visualize the building accurately at all stages of the project. This comprehensive design evolution towards innovation excellence and building performance is the basis of the Firm’s design philosophy. DAA ensures that the integrity of the design is maintained by rigorously monitoring of the construction process.


Project Management

DAA provides professional project management services to Clients on a job specific basis. Such services are often provided as Owner advocates in a Design-Build or Construction Management environment to ensure that Client interests and needs are being served by their Constructor.


Structural Analysis

Modelling and Analysis of new designs – DAA provide structural analysis and structural modelling with the use of advance structural analysis and design software. The service will be provided as a whole project and also as a part of a project.


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